1. Send up to 10 videos / waves by email, wetransfer or youtube link for 1st analysis in which we confirm that the content has information and conditions to be worked on.


2. We send you an email confirming that the information is workable and the bank details for transferring the value for the session. By this means or by mobile phone, we then book the date and time of the session online.


3. The sending of the transfer's proof to date or in the session itself is the requirement to hold the session on the date marked through Skype with screen sharing.


4. The CSO Report of the points mentioned in the session is then sent to you by email within a maximum of 2 days.


The CSO Analysis Session has an average duration of 1 hour in which, through Skype with sharing of our screen, are viewed by both parties in detail each wave, the technical details and promptly discussed personally / virtually online with each pause, slowmotion and In the still image.


Each CSO Report consists of summarizing the priority points discussed in the session, pointing out each position, body movement and sequence of movements that are not being well executed or that can be improved, in order to improve their execution. A score is then assigned to each of the aspects addressed. In this way, it is possible to have a better perception of how much is actually being done and how much is lacking for the correct / optimized execution.

In the case of continuous monitoring, we can then compare the evaluations of each report and monitor the evolution of the maneuvering situation.


Each Analysis Session and corresponding CSO Report is therefore fully customized and applicable to each one's surfing, as well as the proposed objectives.

After the 1st Video-Report, the monitoring of the evolution can be continued at the preferred rate of each one, with the following CSO analysis sessions having a price reduction:


1 session of CSO analysis - 30 Eur

Following sessions - 25 Eur

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